Cloud process of process analysis

Hi, all

I have a question from cloud process of process analysis in CMAQ version 5.3.1.

I got a quite considerable positive value from cloud process (CLDS_ASO4I + CLDS_ASO4J + CLDS_ASO4K) at a moment even though there was little cloud water and rain water (QC, QR from METCRO3D file) at the same time and same layers.

I thought ‘QV’ from METCRO3D might influence to estimate this positive value from cloud process, but I was wondering whether the assumption was right or not.

Should I consider not only QC, QR but also QV values from METCRO3D when I find a relation between cloud process and liquid water content ??

I wish I can get any responses from you all.

Thank you.

HyeonYeong Park