Cloud process of process analysis

Hi, all

I have a question from cloud process of process analysis in CMAQ version 5.3.1.

I got a quite considerable positive value from cloud process (CLDS_ASO4I + CLDS_ASO4J + CLDS_ASO4K) at a moment even though there was little cloud water and rain water (QC, QR from METCRO3D file) at the same time and same layers.

I thought ā€˜QVā€™ from METCRO3D might influence to estimate this positive value from cloud process, but I was wondering whether the assumption was right or not.

Should I consider not only QC, QR but also QV values from METCRO3D when I find a relation between cloud process and liquid water content ??

I wish I can get any responses from you all.

Thank you.

HyeonYeong Park

The CLDS process analysis term includes net impact from cloud chemistry, cloud mixing and scavenging. The positive value for ASO4 is likely associated with ASO4 enhancements at the grid cell due to cloud mixing. You could examine whether the enhancement is from the fine mode (I,J) or coarse mode (K). You may also consider examining the cloud fraction, cloud top and bottom at the grid cell for the hour you notice the enhancements.