CMAQ 5.0.2 CCTM stops at the 8th Timestep

Dear all,

I am trying to runCCTM with CB05-AERO6 mechanism for 2017. But I simulation stops at the 8th TSTEP. I cannot tell exactly what causes the problem so I created a new post here in the hope if someone could help me solve it. I attached the files related to the error and the CCTM configuration to this post for your reference. If you need any further information, please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Some information about the compiler and libraries I used to compile CCTM.

PGIf90 (19.5)
OpenMPI (3.0.0)

netcdf 4.3.1
ioapi 3.1

CCTM.e253137.txt (135.9 KB) CCTM.o253137.txt (101.2 KB) CTM_LOG_012.cfg.txt (94.4 KB) run.cctm.txt (17.6 KB) VN_2017177.log.txt (103.9 KB)