CMAQ benchmark differences


Hello CMAQ users,

I’ve compiled CMAQ 5.0.2 using intel 2017. After compiling, the benchmark was successful for most variables, but not all. In general, for particulate & aerosol species it was successful, and for gaseous species it was not successful. I’ve attached some files showing the errors in O3 ASO4. Green area meets the “0.5% error” criteria and any other color fails to meet that criteria. I can provide the config file as well.

Has anyone encountered similar error when benchmarking? If so, how did you deal with it?

Does anyone with know-how regarding compiling and benchmarking have suggestions for where this error might come from? We tried several flag variations unsuccessfully.

Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide!



Hi James,
This advice is almost anecdotal but if possible, you can try to update all the way to intel 18. Some of us have noticed some minor difference between versions 18 and 17 for the new CMAQv5.3 but I’m not sure what it would do for version 5.0.2.

The spatial extent of the differences look like changes have manifest in inline point source emissions.



Hi Ben,

Thanks for your suggestion. I recompiled with intel 2018 and the model output matches the benchmark well. The input data used was the same in both compilations.