Cmaq-cctm run-dust

Dear Tanya,

I thank you for your response. After I tried to set the WRF_LC_RF_LAT to 40.0, I encountered following error:

File name “/home/u2/CMAQ_v5.2/data/tehran5wp/met/mcip/GRIDCRO2D_tehran5wp”
File type GRDDED3
Execution ID “mcip”
Grid name “GRIDOUT_Tehran2k”
Dimensions: 25 rows, 35 cols, 1 lays, 31 vbles
NetCDF ID: 22 opened as READONLY
Time-independent data.

 XCENT_B:     46.822000000000  XCENT3D (file):     46.821998596191
 YCENT_B:     33.917000000000  YCENT3D (file):     40.000000000000
 XCELL_B:   2000.000000000000  XCELL3D (file):   2000.000000000000
 YCELL_B:   2000.000000000000  YCELL3D (file):   2000.000000000000

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine SubhFile_Cell on PE 001   
 File header inconsistent with GRIDDESC

PM3EXIT: date&time specified as 0
Date&time specified as 0

please find the ncdump of mcip output attached.



Have you been able to resolve this issue? The best way to alert another user that you would like their help is to use the @ symbol and then type the person’s name, I am adding @tlspero to this conversation using this method.

Thanks, Liz Adams

Dear Dr.Adams,

I thank you for your support. Yes, the issue is resolved. I thank you again.