CMAQ-DDM Error: number of in Jacobian does not match N_GC_SPC

hello,when I was running CMAQ-DDM-3D(v5.2),there is the following error:Number of species in Jacobian does not match N_GC_SPC. I have tried to compile DDM with two mechnisms (cb05_tucl and cb05_e51),the error is the same .
Would you please help me with the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Hello and sorry for the late response. It is possible that these mechanisms have been modified after the implementation of DDM into the model. Which specific mechanism do you want to use? I can try to compile it here and let you know if any updates are necessary.


Thanks for your reply!The mechanism I used is cb05_tucl.The updates you mentioned means that I have to recompile it later with modifying source code?