DDM-3D error 'GC units incorrect'

Hi everyone,

I tried to use DDM-3D model but have errors. I attached part of cctm.log here

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine S_OPEMIS on PE 000        
 GC units incorrect on EMIS_1
 Date and time 0:02:30   July 1, 2011   (2011182:000230)

application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 21999) - process 0

i checked the gas units in emission files which are moles/s. I used the same files in CMAQ model and everything went well. I also changed the units from lower case ‘moles/s’ to upper case ‘MOLES/S’ and the error was still there. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

What version of the code is this? I guess it may be 5.3. Below is the units check for the gas file in that version. The newer versions handle sensitivity emissions files reading differently.

‘MOLES/S’ should be working. You can try to edit the subroutine s_opemis.F in that block to write out the actual units string that it encounters to the error message and than recompile and check what it is.


          IF ( UNITSCK .NE. 'MOLES/S'   .AND.
 &              UNITSCK .NE. 'MOLE/S'    .AND.
 &              UNITSCK .NE. 'MOL/S'     .AND.
 &              UNITSCK .NE. 'MOLES/SEC' .AND.
 &              UNITSCK .NE. 'MOLE/SEC'  .AND.
 &              UNITSCK .NE. 'MOL/SEC' ) THEN
              XMSG = 'GC units incorrect on ' // EMISFILE
           END IF

Thanks a lot @sergey ! I changed the error message into

XMSG = 'GC units incorrect on ’ // EMISFILE // GC_EMIS( N ) // UNITSCK

recompiled CCTM and found the error.