CMAQ-DDM v5.2 NOx emission to NO2 column density

Hi, I wonder how to generate the sensitivity of NOx emission to NO2_column density,
I review some paper about the sensitivity of NOx emission to NO2_column density by using
CMAQ-DDM v5.2 even lower version.
Is it’s possible output this parameter?

CMAQ-DDM-3D always provides sensitivity of all species at all times in 3 dimensions. If you are not seeing full column outputs, check the runscipts to make sure these are written out to the output files.

On the parameter definition side, you can specify that you want to calculate sensitivity to emissions for all or some emissions streams. Some emissions streams emit in 3 dimensions.

So, you can certainly calculate sensitivity of NO2 columns to full or subset of NOx emissions. But, you phrased your question the other way, so I am not really sure if this is what you are after.