CMAQ-DDM-3D sensinput file setting about DDM3D_ES(emissions split into categories) sensitivity


I am using CMAQ_5.2-DDM-3D.I want to simulate the sensitivity of PM2.5 to NOx emissions from motor vehicles.So,first,I set DDM3D_ES to Y in run_cctm.csh script. Second,I set EGRIDFILE1 to /home/hml/ddm/model/data/EMISS/2019042100/,I set sensinput.cmas.dat to


I want to know if I set this up, right?
And,I have two questions about simulating the sensitivity of PM2.5 to NOx emissions from motor vehicles.
first,do I need to make a document on motor vehicle emissions (including only emissions from motor vehicles)? as “” ?
second,motor vehicle emissions are linear sources. I set “GRID” below EMIS line in sensinput.cmas.dat,is it right?

Thank you all for your time!


Yes, your sensinput setup is correct. You just need to make sure you have the right indents for each line - just mimic what the example file has.

“first” - You need to create a file of emission that you want to calculate the sensitivity to. Note that this file will not be counted by the base CMAQ model.

“second” - You set “GRID” for gridded files. Gridded files are emissions that are not point sources (EGUs, for example, are typically point sources).

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Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate your help!