CMAQ intel library installation

I am trying to install intel library for CMAQ, based on manual

I was able to get 13/14 success (my installation), not 6/6 (manual). Is it okay or need to re-install it?

This is manual.

This is log file.
make.check.log.txt (445.6 KB)

I don’t know exactly what dap remote tests are, but I am sure they are not essential for CMAQ. If you want to debug this issue you should check netCDF user forums.
This thread may be related: 'ncdap_tst_remote3' test failure in Linux · Issue #2242 · Unidata/netcdf-c · GitHub

In fact, the I/O API build-instructions recommend
disabling DAP and HDF. Otherwise, building everything else suddenly becomes much more complicated…