Error while compiling CMAQ-5.3.2 on Cheyenne at NCAR

Hi everyone,
I am now compiling CMAQ-5.3.2 on Cheyenne at NCAR. The loaded modules are:

  1. ncarenv/1.3 3) ncarcompilers/0.5.0 5) ncl/6.6.2 7) ncview/2.1.7
  2. intel/19.0.5 4) mpt/2.22 6) nco/4.9.5 8) git/2.22.0
    I installed ioapi-3.2, mpich-3.3.2, netcdf-c-4.7.0 and netcdf-f-4.4.5 on my own account. When i compile CMAQ using “./bldit_cctm.csh intel” the following error popped up:

    This error shows that the /glade/u/home/CMAQ/CMAQ_REPO or the /glade/u/home/hmao/CMAQ/CMAQ-5.3.2/data/x86_64/intel directory not found. However, i checked and these directory exists. In the .bashrc file, i also set
    export CMAQ_HOME=/glade/u/home/hmao/CMAQ/CMAQ-5.3.2
    export CMAQ_REPO=/glade/u/home/hmao/CMAQ/CMAQ_REPO
    export CMAQ_LIB=/glade/u/home/hmao/CMAQ/CMAQ-5.3.2/lib
    export CMAQ_DATA=/glade/u/home/hmao/CMAQ/CMAQ-5.3.2/data
    I also attached the bldit_cctm.csh and config_cmaq.csh here.
    Could someone help with this?
    config_cmaq.csh.txt (11.3 KB)
    bldit_cctm.csh.txt (30.6 KB)

Have you tried following the tutorials for compiling CMAQ-5.3.2?