Installing netcdf classic for CMAQ isn't working

I tried many times for installing netcdf C and fortran libraries as suggested on cmass forum (e.g. but haven’t succeeded yet. Moreover, it seems not possible to install netcdf-fortran libraries by the method suggested ( -with disable-netcdf-4 -disable-dap does NOT work!).

I wonder if anyone ever was successful building these libraries by this method?

e.g. make chek on netcdf-fortran throws errors
…/fortran/.libs/ undefined reference to `nc_get_chunk_cache_ints’

…/fortran/.libs/ undefined reference to `nc_set_var_chunk_cache_ints’

…/fortran/.libs/ undefined reference to `nc_def_var_chunking_ints’

…/fortran/.libs/ undefined reference to `nc_set_chunk_cache_ints’

…/fortran/.libs/ undefined reference to `nc_get_var_chunk_cache_ints’

…/fortran/.libs/ undefined reference to `nc_inq_var_chunking_ints’

I inquired with unidata and they indicated it is NOT possible to install netcdf-fortran the way it is suggested (i.e using disable-netcdf-4 -disable-dap doesn’t allow install netcdf-fortran) and I was told to reconfigure netcdf-c with netcdf-4 enabled!

If you have any tricks to build netcdf-c classic only that will let install netcdf-fortran without errors, please let me know. Is it possible to use netcdf-4 enabled libraries with CMAQ?

Thank you.


The netCDF C library configure command uses the disable-netcdf-4 -disable-dap.
The netcdf Fortran configure command does not use this command.
Please follow the instructions carefully and begin using the csh or ksh shell as your default shell.
Please attach all of the log files that you generate by following the instructions.


I believe if you don’t do step 10 correctly then when you use the make check command you may see the errors that you list.

setenv NCDIR /YOUR_PATH/netcdf-c-4.7.0-intel18.2

  10.  Set the install directory for netCDF fortran

setenv NFDIR /YOUR_PATH/netcdf-fortran-4.4.5-intel18.2
setenv CPPFLAGS -I${NCDIR}/include
setenv LDFLAGS -L${NCDIR}/lib