CMAQ takes ton based input?

Hello all,

I have a question about running CMAQ. Does CMAQ gridded emission input take ton-based input along with another file with mole-based input? For example:
setenv N_EMIS_GR 2
set EMISfile1 = egts_l.20210525.1.us12.nctox.ncf
set EMISfile2 = egts_s.20210525.1.us12.nctox.ncf


Hello Hasibul,

CMAQ can read variables in either mass-based (i.e. ton-based) or mole-based off the same file. Just make sure the ‘units’ field for each variable aligns with whether it is in mass or moles. Also, for mass-based, CMAQ is typically expecting g s-1 for emission rates.

Ben Murphy