Emission Questions

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about the emission input of CMAQ-5.3. I use a pre-gridded emission file and 5 inline stream emissions. The run file settings are shown below:

When i run the model, the following warning showed up. I wonder what does this mean. Does this mean some of the inline emissions were set wrong and not used?

When i set up emission input to add inline stream emissions, do i need to edit Emis_mech.nml as well?


Hi Lin,

The messages labeled ‘Attention’ are letting you know that the wind-blown dust module is off but that there are rules in the Particle Size Distribution section that specify the sizes of wind-blown dust particles. If you are intending for wind-blown dust to be off, then this has no impact on your simulation results. You may comment out or delete the rules in the Particle Size Distribution section of the emission control interface to make these messages go away.

Ben Murphy