CMAQ(v5.0.2)-APT installation issue

Hi all,

I’ve built CMAQv5.0.2 base without problem
here are my libs


However, when I tried building CMAQ-APT, I encountered some issues

  1. relinc.cctm_apt was not found, I then cp relinc file from cctm dir and changed the name to corresponding name.
  2. I am now having the following issue:
make: *** No rule to make target `/storage/highspeed/Models/aq/CMAQ/CMAQv5.0.2/scripts/cctm_apt/BLD_D502_apt/FILES_APT.diag.EXT', needed by `ping_apt.o'.  Stop.
**ERROR** while running make command

any suggestion will be helpful

Thank you

Hi Joey,

Please take a look at the release note for v5.0.2-APT. This version of CMAQ was a community contribution, so questions and support should be directed to Prakash Karamchandani at Ramboll (see contact information in the release notes below).

Thanks, Liz

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