Difficulties to install WRF-CMAQ

Hello everybody.
I was able to install cmaq version 5.4 but I wanted to install the couple version WRF-CMAQ.
Reading the instructions I was confused.
Do I need to install WRF4.4 before CMAQ5.4? From what I’ve seen of the code, when the set build_twoway option is activated, a directory with the WRF executables is created.
Can I use the same libraries I used for the uncoupled version?
Thanks for help.

There is a tutorial with instructions to install WRF-CMAQ available here:

When the bldit_cctm.csh script is modified according to the instruction, and run, then both CMAQ and WRF will be compiled and linked together.

I will try to compile with your suggestions. Thank you for help @lizadams