CMAQ5.4 log files


We have recently started testing CMAQv4.4 with cb6r5_ae7_aq.

Our slurm out files have become very large because numbers are being printed between the time integration information. It can be anywhere but often its between CLDPROC completed… and AERO completed… lines.

Is there something that we have switched on somewhere that is resulting in these new printouts? We didn’t have these issues in our older version of CMAQv5.3.2 with cb6r3_ae7_aq.

Here is an example showing a few lines (there are hundreds of thousands of lines printed):

1.814362481548625E-014 6.154626650870709E-011 1.555392465388999E-013
5.276156235261127E-010 6.546821536950116E-014
1.889036629270483E-014 6.148686184644069E-011 1.512312415424945E-013
4.922474403887070E-010 6.216568605562578E-014
AERO completed… 6.2297 seconds
Master Time Step
Processing completed… 32.8742 seconds

 Processing Day/Time [YYYYDDD:HHMMSS]: 2012336:010500
   Which is Equivalent to (UTC): 1:05:00  Saturday,  Dec. 1, 2012
   Time-Step Length (HHMMSS): 000140
             VDIFF completed...       2.3967 seconds
            COUPLE completed...       0.0392 seconds
              HADV completed...      17.8532 seconds
              ZADV completed...       2.6213 seconds
             HDIFF completed...       1.0021 seconds
          DECOUPLE completed...       0.1052 seconds
              PHOT completed...       0.2628 seconds
           CLDPROC completed...       0.5519 seconds

4.757721773628977E-018 7.503238189514303E-010 4.287828098094772E-014
6.762185152150535E-006 2.651329961558969E-012
4.084647711957459E-018 7.502265212467404E-010 3.762583966785109E-014
6.910731302571026E-006 2.649072675780988E-012
4.837386533358943E-018 7.471610348822951E-010 4.244652058257775E-014
6.556099254613392E-006 2.637897971494288E-012
4.880995844340788E-018 7.460257897062242E-010 4.251946483667032E-014
6.498800315398977E-006 2.629973799557871E-012

To me the likeliest possibility is that a write statement has been added to the code. You might try ls -lat *.F in the model build directory to search for a file with a “recent” time stamp. Alternatively, re-download the model, recompile, and try running again.

Another suggestion is to use the 5.4+ branch, that has minor updates from the main branch (5.4).

git clone -b 5.4+ CMAQ_REPO

Please also attach your build and run script. That would allow us to review the build and run time configuration options that you have selected.