CMAQV 5.2.1 config_cmaq.csh flags

Hello ,
Am trying to install CMAQV5.2.1.
complier is gcc
installed the below using package manager.
netcdf and openmpi
installed ioapi 3.2

At the moment trying to set the flags in config_cmaq.csh.
i have attached the screenshot of the same.
Could kindly update where and wat changes has to be made so that the the file would work properly.

Thanks in advance,

At a first cut, I see a lot of file-paths without the leading slash – e.g.,
setenv IOAPI_MOD_DIR home/creator/ioapi/ioapi
(and, by the way, the I/O API “.mod” files will be in the same directory as the “.a” files).

Note also that you will probably have trouble with the package-manager netCDF and OpenMPI:
as the I/O API installation instructions,

In general, you are best off if you can build your whole modeling system (libnetcdf.a, libpvm3.a, libioapi.a, and your model(s) CMAQ, SMOKE, etc. with a common compiler set and common set of compile-flags. In particular, Linux-distribution-vendor supplied libnetcdf.a rarely works with CMAS-supported compiler sets.

That should get you at least a little further along…

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