Error wile running cntlmat program

Hi all,

I am trying to project emissions from passenger cars and trucks. I am running mobile sources in emission rate mode (RPD, RPH, RPP, RPV). I am using the following GCNTL file:

/PROJECTION 2014 2020/
004013 00000000002201210000 0.917 NH3
004013 00000000002201310000 0.913 NH3
004013 00000000002201210000 0.931 CO
004013 00000000002201310000 0.895 CO
004013 00000000002201210000 0.961 CH4
004013 00000000002201310000 0.927 CH4
004013 00000000002201210000 0.960 NOx
004013 00000000002201310000 0.926 NOx
004013 00000000002201210000 0.935 PM10
004013 00000000002201310000 0.932 PM10
004013 00000000002201210000 0.958 PM2_5
004013 00000000002201310000 0.951 PM2_5
004013 00000000002201210000 0.939 SO2
004013 00000000002201310000 0.923 SO2
004013 00000000002201210000 0.924 VOC
004013 00000000002201310000 0.906 VOC
I have checked the spacing in the file and everything looks right. However, I get the following error while running cntlmat program:

Processing PROJECTION packet…
No usable PROJECTION control packet entries!

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine PKTLOOP
 Problem reading control packets file.

What am I missing? I was able to project area source emissions without any problem. I have attached the GCNTL file.
gcntl_2016_2020_onroad_20PReduction.txt (755 Bytes)

@nsanzine. If you learn more about the current SMOKE-MOVES approach, you will understand that current approach won’t let you project and/or control emissions from these modes (RPD, RPV, RPP, RPH) directly since the emission factors tables from MOVES are based on base year. SMOKE can only project for activity data like VMT, Vehicle Population (VPOP) and HOTELLING using this GCNTL file with Cntlmat program. Projecting activity only does not give you full projected emissions from SMOKE-MOVES. You need to have the future projected MOVES emission factor lookup tables to correctly calculate future emissions along with this projected activity data.

The reason you are getting no matched entries from GCNTL file is because the list of SCCs you are processing is not internally used in RPD, RPV, RPP, and RPH processing in SMOKE. SCC for these mobile sectors includes vehicle, road, fuel and process types. See the details of MOVES SCCs :

Because activity data like are not associated with processes, SCCs for activities do hold “00”. SMOKE then internally map these activity SCCs to full SCCs using the SCCXREF files (

Hope this provides some information for you to understand the current issues and situation.