Compiling CMAQ 5.4

We are trying to compile CMAQ v5.4 using gcc version 11. As I read the user guide of CMAQ, it seems that it works with gcc version 9.1. Is it possible to compile it with gcc version 11 as well?


gcc/gfortran versions 10 and later take a rather idiosyncratic interpretation of some of the new features of the latest (f-2018) version of the Fortran Standard. You will need to change some of the compile flags to match the I/O API’s ioapi/Makeinclude.Linux2_x86_64gfort10 – which is the BIN-type you’ll need to compile the I/O API using these gcc/gfortrans.

BTW, note that it is the Fortran compiler’s flags, runtime-libraries, etc.) which are really important to these builds, not the C compiler as the CMAQ build-system suggests…

If you encounter difficulties compiling CMAQv5.4 with gcc11, let us know.
You should recompile I/O API (and possibly netCDF) first.

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