Creating BCON from concentration

Dear all,

I intend to make boundary condition files using CCTM files, but the issue is the CCTM file of parent domain is made with a different mechanism from the mechanism I intend to use for inner domain.
The parent domain is ran with cb6r3_ae6nvPOA_aq, but I intend to run the inner domain with saprc07tc_ae6_aq.
Now my question is if I can use cb6r3 CCTM file for making BC for saprc run. And if so, will it be assuming missing species?
I do appreciate your prompt response.
Thank you,

We do not currently have an example on mapping cb6r3_ae6nvPOA_aq to saprc07tc_ae6_aq, but we have examples of mapping from cb6r3m_ae7_kmtbr to racm_ae6_aq, saprc07tc_ae6_aq, or saprc07tic_ae7i_aq . These example species definition files and ‘combine’ run script can be found in Hopefully the example provided for mapping cb6r3m_ae7_kmtbr to saprc07tc_ae6_aq can serve as a template for you to develop the mapping for your particular application.

I thank you for your guidance sir.