For using sensitivity bc file for nested runs


Hello,I’m using CMAQ_5.2-DDM-3D.When I want to run the run_cctm.csh for using sensitivity bc file for nested runs ,I set as follows:
setenv DDM3D_BCS T # use sensitivity bc file for nested runs [ T | Y | F | N ] (default is N/F)
set S_BCpath =
set S_BCfile =

But,I don not know how to set “S_BCfile”. Would you please help me with the problem?
Thanks for your time



You first need to have sensitivity boundary conditions available. Typically, you can create them from a larger domain you have already simulated. Then, you specify them just like any other CMAQ input file, by typing in the file path and file name in place of the blanks in your script. You do need to make sure that the larger domain providing the boundaries for sensitivity has exactly the same sensitivity parameters as the smaller domain reading them.

Normally, this option is rarely used, and the sensitivity boundary conditions are assumed to be zero.