Cross section tools

Dear all,

I am trying to plot the cross section of ozone concentration with the terrain height at the bottom of the plot, but could not find the suitable python package to do so, I wonder if there are any tools to make the plot like this:
wrf_interp_3_lg.png (1016×924) (

Thanks a lot!

It’s not python, but you could look into using the NCL package that was used to generate this plot. I use NCL fairly regularly to visualize CMAQ output and so do a few of my colleagues. That said, I don’t have experience with the specific script used to generate this plot, and I’m sure you’d have to modify the script and underlying WRF utility functions to work with CMAQ rather than WRF output, but the source code for this “wrf_interp_3” example is available on the NCL site so it’d give you a good starting point:
WRF Interpolations and Cross Sections
NCL source code generating the plot

And it actually does appear that someone tried to port this NCL code to python:
Python version of NCL WRF_interp_3

Good luck!