Discrepancy between hourly and monthly aggregated emission for RWC sector

Hi All,
I found the hourly gridded rwc emission files (rwc(hourly)) and made a comparison with the monthly aggregated emission (rwc(monthly)). I found the monthly one is higher than the hourly one.
I think the platform is smoke_2017gb_platform_core_26jul2023
Does anyone know the reason for the discrepancy?
Thanks so much for any suggestions.


Hi, we think this may be a units conversion issue…

The hourly files are in moles/s and the monthly files are in tons/month (even if the unit label says something different).

The conversion from moles/s (hourly values summed across all hours in a given month) to tons/month is:

tons/month = (moles/s summed across all hours) / 907185 (g/ton) * 3600 (s/hr) * MW (g/mol)

where MW is the molecular weight of the species being converted

If you have not performed this conversion, please try that and let us know if the numbers are close – they may differ by a small percentage.

If you aren’t sure of the MW to use, I believe you can find that in the invtable file that is input to SMOKE.

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Hi Alison,

Thanks for the clarification. I used metric tons instead of US tons. The numbers are identical now.

Good news. Thanks for letting us know…

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