WRFchemi to CMAQ emissions

Hello everyone!!

I encountered some difficulties trying to convert a set of WRF chemi files to CMAQ emissions.
Does someone know if there is a program to do this in a faster way?
Does SMOKE have support for this task?

Thank you so much!!!

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If someone is facing the same issue, I made a python script to automate this process that is in my repository GitHub - kamitoteles/Mozart2CMAQemis.
It’s a simple program but please read the documentation because there are some speciall information that you must provide for the conversion.
Hope it helps someone!



I would like to ask about the units for emission data in CMAQ. In wrfchemi, we have emissions with mol km^-2 hr^-1 and ug m^-2 s^-1. But in CMAQ the unit is moles/s and g/s. Are the units in CMAQ per grid? So that if I have 3km*3km grid cells, I need to multiply the emission data by 9.


Exactly – there is an implicit non-MKS “per grid cell” in the CMAQ units.

BTW, do you know why wrfchemi uses such inconsistent units for emissions – km vs m and hr vs sec? I’ve run into that before and completely fail to understand it…

Thanks for your reply!

Sorry that I also don’t know why the gas and aerosols use different units in space and time :frowning: