SMOKE Residential Heating Input Files

Hi all, I am working with SMOKE 4.6 and 4.8, and I am aiming to modify the residential heating input emissions files. It was to my understanding that there was one RWC input file and two non-RWC input files with annual emissions inputs based on the standard NEI 2014 methodology for 4.6, and 2017 methodology for 4.8. However, when I sum the annual emissions, they don’t match the NEI totals.

I am wondering if there are inputs files I am missing or if there is a rationale for the discrepancy in emissions magnitudes.


Did you review the emissions modeling TSDs for these platforms and the corresponding summaries to see if your numbers matched those in the summary tables at the end of the TSDs (Table 4-1)? From Table 2-1 it looks like 2014 RWC should match 2014 NEI and 2017 RWC should match 2017 NEI. Residential heating for other than RWC is not broken into its own file in the EPA platforms.