Does BLANK emission file runs in SMOKE?

I have some emission files. I needed to make change some emissions in one file (file A). And I don’t want to consider other emission files. So, deleted everything inside the those emission files (file size 0 bytes, file B Q1 Q2 and C).

when I ran the the script it gives me following error (I have the files in the directory mentioned here):
SCRIPT ERROR: File name match prefix EMISINV

Then I commented out the emission files I don’t need

Which gives me successful run.

So, my question is:

Is the error happening because of blank emission files?

Thank you

Hello @eyth.alison @bbaek @lizadams ,

Would you please help me to understand this?

I didn’t see the original question but went back to it. I wouldn’t expect SMOKE to be happy with a BLANK emission file as input.

I’m not sure why you would want to do that?

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I do not think SMOKE cares whether the file is blank or not. If it is blank, then it will skip to the next file. However, the error message you got with a blank file looks like coming from another internal run script. Not originated from SMOKE.

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