Windowing 12US1 to 12US2 SMOKE files

Hello ,
I am reading this link where it said I need to window EPA 2016v1 platform’s file for using in CAMx

I am trying to window 12US1 EPA 2016v1 platform’s ptnonipm emis_mole files to 12US2 using same script from the 2016v1 platform
ARDEQ_12US1_to_12US2_m3wndw_loop_merged.csh.txt (3.1 KB)
ARDEQ_WINDOW_directory_definitions_12US2.csh.txt (4.0 KB)
Screenshot from 2021-05-25 11-12-51

When I run the script, there is no error showing and in terminal 12US1 file showing

But there are no outputs generated.

Would you please help me to understand why output is not generating?

Thanks in advance

Try changing:

setenv INFILE indir/emis_mole_{sector}{year}{da}${ingrid}_$case.ncf


setenv INFILE indir/emis_mole_{sector}{year}{da}${ingrid}cmaq_cb6$case.ncf

You are trying to adapt a script that was designed to be used for merged emissions and are applying it to premerged emissions which have a slightly different file name convention.

What should happen is that the script loops through each day, and for days with emissions (which won’t be every day b/c of representative day processing), it should create a 12US2 file, but for days without emissions, it should simply display the would-be 12US1 filename (which doesn’t exist) and then move on to the next day without doing anything. What happened in this case is it looped through all of the days and did not find any 12US1 emissions with the expected filenames, due to the different filename convention between premerged and merged emissions.

Hi @eyth.alison
Thank you so much. It works. But one question:
I can see a file size for 36US3 is 141M, and 12US1 is 760M (meaning smaller grid size resulting bigger file size, am I right?).
If so , should 12US2 file be larger than 12US1?. My output showing file size 539M for 12US2.