Don't know the meaning and usage of OBSGRID output file ""

Deal all,

After a new compiling, I found an additional output file never seen before. Could you give me some advice about the usage of this file and how to control its output? I don’t want to output this file because it takes up a lot of disk space.
Thanks for your help.
Here are my namelist and some screenshot of output files.
namelist_oa.txt (2.9 KB)


I know how this problem is caused. When I modify the path of OBS_DOMAIN file to absolute path in /OBSGRID/src/driver.F90, it does change the output path of the OBS_DOMAIN file. However, it is accompanied by this problem. I’m not sure why this change would cause the output file to change, I’m still looking for something like a switch to control output file.

To be honest. I’ve not seen this in our versions.

Do you need the OBS_DOMAIN* text files for observation nudging?
If not, you can turn off all files with this as false.
print_obs_files = .FALSE.

If you need the OBS_DOMAIN text files and not the NetCDF I’d just suggest simply deleting the files after running Obsgrid as part of your scripting or process flow.

We use Obsgrid, but are not the developers, so a bit hesitant to spend time digging into external code for something that can be simply deleted.


Dear Rob,
Thank you for your reply. I still don’t know how this issue was triggered, maybe some settings on the local server create a conflict. Considering that the OBS_DOMAIN files don’t take up much space, I chose not to change this setting.
Best wishes!