WRF nc file showing error during opening Penoply

hello Respected Members,
I extract the result from WRF (2 domain) Problem is that file is not open in the “Penoply” it show error like " (there was an error opening the dataset:data object does not start with OHDR) … if there is any solution mentioned please.

Welcome Arshad. I’m not sure many have experience with Penoply for viewing WRF. Believe at least one in our group has used it. However, it is not 100% clear what “extract the results of WRF” means here. Did you extract a set of variables from a WRF output file using NetCDF operator or other tools? Or is this a WRF output straight from the model with no alterations? I could pass along this information to a penoply user in our group. If you could post a file on a google drive or such for us to examine we may be able to help. Otherwise, this may be a question for the developers of Penoply as this is not supported by CMAS.

Penoply is quite cool in terms of presenting the data on the globe. But CMAS supports Verdi to view WRF, MPAS, CMAQ and some other datasets.

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yes this is a WRF output straight from the model with no alterations…when i open the output file in penolpy it show error like this…

i am very confused …i run many time WRF model and extract the output …but when i open the output in the “Penoply”…it show error like this …i hope in this platform may be many of respected brother or sister have of solution of this…

If you could host your WRF output file on a google drive or other way to get a sample I would be happy to inspect your WRF file with some of the software we have installed. We just have little experience with Penoply to give much advice from this error message. However, I do see it is install on our system. And I just opened one of our WRF outputs with no problem. If you send me a file I can test it.

Also, You could use ncdump in your netcdf library to get information from the WRF output file. I’d make sure this works. “ncdump -h wrfout.nc” will output the header information. This would be a check to make sure your WRF output is not corrupted. If you can do an ncdump, this would be good information that the file is likely not corrupted and in NetCDF format.

I would also look to make sure any compile of Penoply used the same or newer NetCDF libraries as the WRF model.

Alternatively, You could also get Verdi from CMAS website. This is a good WRF output viewer if your only goal is to plot WRF outputs.


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