Error in connecting to database

Kindly help. What is the meaning of this following error while running matching_surface.csh and how do I resolve this.

Matching WRF output file with observations: /mnt/ntfs/Users/Home/Downloads/wrfout_subset_2016-07-01_00_00_00
Creating new database if it does not exist: CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS user_database ;
Error in .local(drv, …) :
Failed to connect to database: Error: Access denied for user ‘amet’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)
Calls: new_dbase_tables -> dbConnect -> dbConnect -> .local -> .Call
Execution halted
Date/Time END

Thanks and regards.

Hi Indumati,

This error occurs because AMET is not able to create the required MySQL database using the provided username and password during setup. First, you should check to see that you have a MySQL username and password. Based on the error, it appears that AMET is trying to connect to the database using the default username ‘amet’ to the MySQL server called ‘localhost’, which makes me think you have not updated the database username and password from the default Github code (although that may not be the case if you created a username called ‘amet’). You should also update localhost to be the name of your MySQL server, although localhost will work in some instances.

There are instructions in the AMET documentation on where to specify the database username/password and MySQL server name. Whomever installed the MySQL database should be able to provide you a username and password that you can use for AMET.

If you already have a working login to the database, then you probably just need to update the AMET config files with it. The AMET documentation describes how to do this.

If none of those solutions work for you, please let us know. Thanks.