Error in run.cctm

Hi, I have an error with running WRF-CMAQ.
This time I got an error like the image below. Looking back at past questions, it was written that it would be good to correct the settings for CTM_STDATE, CTM_STTIME, CTM_RUNLEN, and CTM_TSTEP, but I entered STDATE = 20150721, STTIME = 000000, NSTEPS = 240000, TSTEP = 010000 and there is no problem It seems like
I’m sorry to ask this question again and again, but could you please enlighten me?

STDATE should be 2015201. The first 4 digits are the year, and the next 3 digits are the day of the year, numbered from 001 through 365.

Thank you for answering! I changed the STDATE as you pointed out, but the same error was displayed. Is this a mistake in the timing of creating the MET_CRO_3D file? Or is the run.cctm script wrong? I will post the run.cctm script, so I would appreciate it if you could correct it.

I also corrected the date of run.icon and run.bcon and ran it again.
I also changed the part of line 160 to 2015201.

Sorry, I counted wrong. It should be 2015202 rather than 2015201.
Read the log carefully. It explains what the underlying error is. It is looking for a time stamp that is not on the file.

Requested date & time:        2015201:000000
File starting date & time:    2015202:000000

You might also want to read about date and time conventions, and the subroutines and programs that can be used to manipulate them. See