Error running CCTM: CCTM abruptly terminated

Hello, when I run the CCTM module of CMAQv5.0.2, the program abruptly terminated, the error message indicates a bad termination of one of the application processes with exit code 126. What could be the reason for this? Is it related to the number of threads called by MPIRUN? Below are my log file and the CCTM script. Thanks for your help!

7d02_1.txt (6.7 MB)
7d02_2.txt (4.7 MB)
7d03_3.txt (6.9 MB)
d02cctm.txt (14.5 KB)

Thanks for posting your run script and your 3-part main log file.

To obtain more information on what may have caused this error, you’ll need to look at the processor-specific log file for “process 17”, i.e. CTM_LOG_017 or maybe CTM_LOG_016 (I keep forgetting how the zero-indexed CTM_LOG_… files map to the process rank reported in the main processor log file). The error causing the crash occurred in the subdomain handled by that processor.

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Hello, I checked the CTM_LOG_017 file, and it shows an error message ERROR ABORT in subroutine VPPM on PE 017. How can I resolve this? Thank you in advance!

Thanks for posting this additional information. This points to issues caused by the meteorological fields from MCIP in the computation of vertical advection in the CCTM for this subdomain and time period. You can try reducing the maximum and minimum synchronization time steps specified in your run script (CTM_MAXSYNC and CTM_MINSYNC) to see if this helps. Maybe start by cutting them in half first, and then potentially reduce them further if the problem persists.

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