Error when running ICON and BCON

Dear Sir,I have a error when I am running run_icon.csh,the setting of run_icon.csh and log file are as follows.I hope you can help me to solve the problem!Thanks a lot!
run_icon.txt (5.0 KB)
icon.log.txt (2.8 KB)

The unlimit command is giving you an error. This depends on the flavor of unix you have installed and how your sysadmin has configured it.
Often by default processes on multi-user systems are limited in terms of how much memory they can take up. The purpose of that command is to free up as much memory as possible. You can try commenting it out and seeing whether the job will run, but it is possible it will crash with an out of memory error.
If that does not work, you will have to get some help from your system administrator.

Hi, i try to run ICON and BCON with CMAQ 5.2.1 but it have some problem
Input data path, CMAQ_DATA set to /home/Build_WRF/WRFV3/run/metdata_Phong/demo1

-rwxrwxr-x. 1 roott roott 4442368 Nov 7 2018 /home/roott/dwong/src/CMAQ521/PREP/icon/scripts/BLD_ICON_v52_profile_gcc/ICON_v52_profile.exe
text data bss dec hex filename
670967 3714292 7036232 11421491 ae4733 /home/roott/dwong/src/CMAQ521/PREP/icon/scripts/BLD_ICON_v52_profile_gcc/ICON_v52_profile.exe
cputime unlimited
filesize unlimited
datasize unlimited
stacksize 8192 kbytes
coredumpsize 0 kbytes
memoryuse unlimited
vmemoryuse unlimited
descriptors 1024
memorylocked 64 kbytes
maxproc 63367
maxlocks unlimited
maxsignal 63367
maxmessage 819200
maxnice 0
maxrtprio 0
maxrttime unlimited

 This program uses the EPA-AREAL/MCNC-EnvPgms/BAMS Models-3      
 I/O Applications Programming Interface, [I/O API] which is      
 built on top of the netCDF I/O library (Copyright 1993, 1996    
 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidata         
 Program) and the PVM parallel-programming library (from         
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory).  Copyright (C) 1992-2002 MCNC,  
 (C) 1992-2013 Carlie J. Coats, Jr., and (C) 2003-2012 Baron     
 Advanced Meteorological Systems, LLC and released under the     
 GNU LGPL  License, version 2.1.  See URL                        
 for conditions of use.                                          
 ioapi-3.1: $Id:: init3.F 321 2016-02-26 16:00:20Z coats                $
 Version with PARMS3.EXT/PARAMETER::MXVARS3= 2048
 netCDF version 4.1.3 of Aug  3 2018 09:06:23 $
 EXECUTION_ID: ICON_v52_profile.exe
 Value for GRID_NAME:  'SE52BENCH'
 Value for GRID_NAME:  'SE52BENCH'

 File "GRIDDESC" opened for input on unit:  99

 >>--->> WARNING in subroutine HGRD_INIT
 Failure retrieving horizontal grid parameters
 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine ICON
 *** Failure defining horizontal domain

I dont know how to fix.

Hi Duyen,

Please create a new post for this issue after reviewing the following instructions.

We will respond this after you post a new issue.

Thank you,

Hi Duyen,

I agree with @lizadams’ suggestion to open a new post for your issue since it does not appear to be related to the problem reported in the first post of the current thread.

That said, based on looking at the HGRD_DEFN.F code, it appears the error occurs because the call to DSCGRID fails. The two reasons I can think of are that either the GRID_NAME environment variable you set in your run script (SE52BENCH) is not defined in your GRIDDESC file (/home/Build_WRF/WRFV3/run/metdata_Phong/demo1/GRIDDESC) or that your GRIDDESC file isn’t formatted properly.

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Most likely the second reason: ioapi/dscgrid.f is carefully coded (see the fifth item under “Coding” in Models-3 Coding Standards document) so that any I/O error will generate a detailed log message. In the absence of such a message, we may be quite sure that the GNAME argument to the DSCGRID call is not a name present in the GRIDDESC file.

thanks so much i opened a new post.