Getting started with CMAQ

Hello, I am learning CMAQ. I was following the tutorials on the website, but unfortunately, I need more help with exact command lines than random examples given in the tutorials. Where can I find those? More like a beginner tutorial?
Right now I am having a hard time linking the libraries.
Thank you!

Hi Eshani,
Please review the following tips.

It would help us to know what compiler you are using.

Did you try this tutorial?
The above tutorial gives instructions on how to build the netCDF C, netCDF Fortran, and I/O API Libraries that are required to build CMAQ.

Thanks, Liz

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Hi Liz,
Thank you! I am using gnu. The tutorial I was following was a different one. But, I think this one is more detailed and I can understand it. Thank you so much! Also, can you tell me what search keys you used, I did not see this in my search results?

Be aware that if you are running the latest version (version 10) of gfortran, its authors took a particular idiosyncratic interpretation of the Fortran-2018 Standard that by default will prevent netCDF, the I/O API, and any of the models from compiling successfully. If so, for all your software-builds you need to use compile-flags borrowed from the I/O API ioapi/Makeinclude.*gfort10* configuration-files in order for things to work.