Unable to build jproc

When building jproc am getting this error “l: undefined symbol”
screenshot atteched.
Could somone please help.
been behind this installation for months now

Please consider updating your installation to use the latest release of CMAQ v 5.3

Can we use the same Netcdf libraries .

Cmaq502 is what I been working so associated all the libraries and is taller the version based on 502 version ?

Yes. Those libraries generally are not CMAQ-version dependent, except insofar as CMAQ distributed I/O requires I/O API 3.2.

could you tell me the solution for the above erorr. decide to stick with 5.0.2


is the new error, trying to install MCIP

You’ve got directory problems in your setup, possibly caused by missing/un-set make-variables…

Your I/O API build-directory is showing up as /3LIB/ioapi_3.1/Linux21_x86_64_gfort442 – is this correct (actually directory “/3LIB” directly under your filesystem root “/”?

On the other hand, your netCDF include directory is showing up as “3LIB/netcdf/include” under your source directory “/home/creator/CMAQv5.0.2/scripts/mcip/src”, which also sounds improbable.

Then when gfortran can’t find these directories, it has troubles…

Dear @Akhila,

I am having problems with CMAQ5.0.2. I am using gfortran and mpich/openmpi. I couldn’t run cctm after building it. Can you help me on this, please? I think the issues are related to configuration.

Thanks in anticipation.


I have resolved this issue.



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