Hemispheric platform speciation

I am trying to use EDGAR data (from : EDGAR - The Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research) to run SMOKE, so I need to speciate EDGAR emissions to CB6 and SAPRC7 chemical mechanisms , But I can’t find the gspro and gsref for EDGAR data in epa.gov
where I can download it?

Thanks for your reply!
I checked this file, but it is base on CB05 chemical mechanism, and I need Edgar speciation base on CB6 and SAPRC. is there any solution?

There are some CB5 profiles with EPA’s 2011 platform:


You can use the gsref from here.

I’ve attached the GSPRO for CB6. We don’t have SAPRC at the moment but may at some point in the future.

gspro_HTAP_CB06_from_2011ei_28apr2017_v0.txt (17 KB)

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