Using EDGAR Data

Hello everyone,

I am new to the whole Linux and using SMOKE. I want to use EDGAR data to conduct a WRF-SMOKE-CMAQ model for Iran and I can’t understand where to start. I followed instructions in the manual and installed the model but I don’t know how to make changes so I can use it for Iran.
I am following instructions in “Hemispheric Modeling Support in SMOKE” document but I can’t understand the changes that I need to make.
I am worried that if I make the wrong changes I could ruin everything. It’ll help me a lot if someone could tell me where I should start.

It is a quite daunting job to setup the WRF-SMOKE-CMAQ modeling suite on a brand new country. Definitely you should use the EDGAR for your emissions if you do not have an official national emissions inventory in lran. To understand the SMOKE modeling system, I would strongly suggest for you to take SMOKE online training course but if that is not an option for you, please read carefully the chapter 2 and 4 later.
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There are some examples of using EDGAR with the EPA 2011 platform:

although unfortunately there is not at TSD for 2011 platform.

There is a 2016 platform hemispheric TSD that might be helpful, although the data and scripts that go with it are not currently posted:

Some combination of these items may help you understand how to use SMOKE with EDGAR.

There could also be some helpful information in the SMOKE manual as BH mentions