SMOKE files for CB6 AE7


I’m trying to use SMOKE 4.0 to create emissions from the EDGAR inventory for CMAQ 5.3.1 with cb6r3_ae7_aq.

Are there pre-existing gspro, gsref, gsconv files that I can download without having to produce them with the speciation tool?


Some hemispheric speciation profiles were posted on our gaFTP site with our 2011 hemispheric platform but they are not exactly for that speciation mechanism.

CB6R3_AE7 is the mechanism from the 2017 platform, so you could start with the speciation package from 2017 platform. But this may not meet your needs for EDGAR processing. A regular platform GSREF won’t work for EDGAR processing because EDGAR inventories don’t have SCCs (assuming whatever EDGAR inventories they are using are similar to our HTAP inventories). What we use to speciate those types of inventories are sector-average profiles (e.g. industry sector, energy sector, transportation sector) that we calculate from existing US-based cases. Although we haven’t calculated those types of profiles for CB6R3_AE7 yet.

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