Sector merge question


Using SMOKE 4.9 for the 12US1 domain, I have created two different premerged emission outputs for the upstream oil and gas (og) sector in Canada: one sector is canada_og2D (point upstream sources), and another is canada_area_og (area upstream sources). I was wondering whether and how upstream point and area premerged output files can be merged using mrggrid.

Thank you.

Are you running SMOKE in the U.S. EPA Emission Modeling Platform? If so, you can utilize the Sector_merge_12US1*.csh script under directory $PROJECT_ROOT/$CASE/scripts/merge

This script utilizes the sector list file (e.g., sectorlist_2020ha2_cb6_20k for the 2020 Emission Modeling Platform) which specifies which and how sectors to be merged. See more information here on how to use sectorlist file.

Basically you would need to add canada_og2D and canada_area_og into sectorlist file and use the correct settings in relevant columns to either just merge those two sectors or merge them with other sector assuming that all premerged files are in same domain configuration.