AMET v1.4 requirements

I’m new to this software. Can you please suggest the compatible versions of pre-requisite softwares (Tier 1 and 2 ) required for AMETv1.4 .

Are you interested in air quality modeling and evaluation or meteorological.

I work on the meteorology evaluation. The CMAS site has installation documentation that should answer your question. But in general, for the WRF or MPAS model evaluation you need the R statistical software (some free add on modules) and Linux-based system running MySQL database server. There are accompanying libraries like NetCDF, HDF and maybe a few others to compile some of the R modules.



Thank you Sir for your response.
But I’m interested presently in the meteorological part of it. I have the installation documents. But what I wanted to know is the versions of the netcdf ,gzip, gfortran and other prerequisites which are compatible with AMETv1. 4. I had some issues while installing the system last time.

Thank you and looking forward to expert advice from you.

Thanks and regards.

Mrs. Indumathi Iyer

Hi Indumathi,

AMET should be compatible with the most recent versions of the Tier 1/2 software available. If you do run into issues using the most recent versions of any software, please let us know. We recommend getting the latest versions available. For R, you do need to make sure that all the required add-on libraries required by AMET are available for the version you download.

Just for reference, here are some of the software versions we are currently using on our system for AMETv1.4. Note however that these are not necessarily the most recent versions of the software available.

gfortran: 4.8.5
netcdf: 4.6.1
MySQL: 5.7.23 MySQL Community Server (GPL)
R: 3.6.2
gzip: 1.5

Don’t hesitate to report any issues regarding the installation of AMET. Thanks.

Wyat Appel

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I am getting the following error in m3tools make…
“” make: *** No rule to make target ‘m3utilio.mod’, needed by ‘airs2m3.o’. Stop. "

I have downloaded IOAPI 3.2 from CMAS site and compiled it with gfortran. NetCDF version is compiled and build with fortran.

Kindly help.

See the build and installation instructions for the I/O API:

It looks as though you are not configuring the m3tools/Makefile correctly…

Following is the Makefile. Kindly advise where the mistake is.

Thanks and regards.

(Attachment Makefile is missing)

Following is the Makefile. Kindly advise where the mistake is.

Thanks and regards.

Makefile.txt (13.2 KB)

I don’t see anything obvious… OK:

What is $BIN?

And is m3utilio.mod in /home/jay/AMET/IOAPI/ioapi-3.2-2020111/${BIN}? (has the ioapi/'s make already been done?)

If so what is all the output (starting with the compile-line) for make for the airs2m3.o ?

While installing IOAPI (Version 3.2) , I get the following error.

make[1]: *** [Makefile:271: modncfio.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/jay/AMET/IOAPI/ioapi-3.2-2020111/ioapi’
make: *** [Makefile:205: all] Error 2

Can you please advice.

Thanks & Regards.