How to change Boxplot Label in AMET?

I am trying to use Boxplot scripts from AMETv1.4, and I can successfully generate the plot but I want change the plot’s label name. For example, “IMPROVE” to “MONITOR_Data”; and “ARDEQ_REGION_F” to “SIMULATED_Data” from following plot

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why not use Python?
(import pandas.DataFrame.boxplot as bxp) or (import seaborn as sns)
It is more beautiful than any language you can think of

Hi Iqbal,

Sorry for the delay. To change the labels in the boxplot, you would simply need to modify the legend_names variable on line 318 in the AQ_Boxplot.R script. Replace the network_label[1] variable with “MONITOR_Data” and run_name1 with “SIMULATED_Data”.

There are of course many different options available to plot data. If you (or anyone) creates additional plotting code in R or other programming languages (e.g. Python) that is compatible with the AMET output data format, I encourage them to share that code here in the forum. It would great to see community generated analysis code shared so that everyone can benefit.

Let me know if you have any difficulty making the change to the legend names.


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