How to input the output file of MCIP to CMAQ to simulate dust sources

Hello everyone.
I am recently using CMAQ to simulate dust sources. The user manual says that simulating a dust source can use the output file of MCIP as input file.
I have set CTM_WB_DUST to Y and CTM_WBDUST_BELD to UNKNOWN in the run_cctm script, and I have also commented out DUST_LU under Windblown dust emissions configuration. The specific settings are as follows.

setenv CTM_WB_DUST Y         #> use inline windblown dust emissions [ default: Y ]
setenv CTM_WBDUST_BELD UNKNOWN #> landuse database for identifying dust source regions 
                             #>    [ default: UNKNOWN ]; ignore if CTM_WB_DUST = N 
  #> Windblown dust emissions configuration
  if ( $CTM_WB_DUST == 'Y' ) then
     # Input variables for BELD3 Landuse option
     #setenv DUST_LU_1 
     #setenv DUST_LU_2 

Is this setting correct and do I need to make any other settings? I would also like to know which MCIP output files are used to simulate the dust source?
Thank you for your answer!

Thank you for your interest in the CMAQ dust module.

Can you please share what CMAQ and WRF versions you are using.

For recent versions of CMAQ and WRF, your settings are correct to allow the CMAQ dust module to rely on MCIP for the land use data. Your WRF simulation will need to use PX for the Land Surface Model for this to work.

Thank you for your answer.
I am using WRF version 3.9.1 and CMAQ version 5.3.2.
However, I am not using PX as a surface model when I run WRF, I am using the NOAH surface scheme, how do I open it in the namelist.input of WRF?
Thanks again!

Thanks for providing this additional information. I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you are asking on how to select the PX LSM instead of the NOAH LSM in WRF, I believe the answer is to set the sf_surface_physics option to 7 instead of 2 in the WRF namelist input file. However, I am not a WRF user, so you would want to double check the WRF documentation.

We recommend that the current wind-blown dust model implemented in CMAQv5.3+ be run with WRFv4.1 or later using PX LSM. There are several dependencies here - availability of fractional land use (present in PX LSM but not necessarily other LSMs), definition of first layer soil depth (assumed to be 1 cm in the CMAQ dust model and WRF PX LSM, but 10 cm for NOAH), and realistic representation of seasonal and spatial variations of WRF vegetation fraction (ensured in PX LSM for WRFv4.1+, but not ensured for PX LSM in earlier versions of WRF or for other LSMs). For more details, please see the following posts:

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