How to obtain the online emission of DMS in CCTM

Hello. I’m running CMAQ5.3 and trying to get the online emissions of DMS as an output file.
Is there any option in the runscript of CCTM to get it?
In the output files, I only see DMS as a concentration in the CCTM_ACONC file, but I need DMS emissions calculated.

I don’t recall for certain and haven’t tried this myself, but I think in CMAQv5.3 you can enable the output of marine gaseous emissions by setting the run script variable MG_EMIS_DIAG to TRUE, as documented here.

In CMAQv5.4, you should be able to accomplish this by editing the Desid_Diag section of the DESID Control File to output emissions for stream MGEM.


Dear Christian. Thanks a lot for your quick reply. The issue was solved and now I can see the emissions.
Best regards