CMAQv5.3.2_DDM EGRIDFILE not found in available emissions streams

Hi, I’m run HDDM with CMAQv5.3.2 and had some questions. Where should I set the emissions streams? Thank you!

“*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine ISAM_STREAMS on PE 000
User specified DDM Emissions Stream - EGRIDFILE1 - not found in available emissions streams”

The sensinput file is as follow:

run_cctm.txt (36.7 KB) CTM_LOG_000.v532_DDM3D_intel.txt (102.6 KB)

DDM3D is available in CMAQv5.2 CMAQ/ at 5.2_DDM-3D · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub
"DDM-3D sensitivities would be calculated to emissions of NOX from one gridded emissions file "
It looks like you need to set the environment variable for EGRIDFILE1 to point to the emissions file.

Thank you. I have set the EGRIDFILE1 to point to the emissions file, and DDM3D_ES was set to Y in run_cctm.csh script. But still the same error.

Are there any changes need to be made regarding the CMAQ-5.3.2?

Please retry this using the instructions for compiling and running DDM3D using CMAQv5.2 that I shared in a link above. CMAQv5.3.2 does not yet fully support DDM3D.

Thank you for your answer!

@wfy @lizadams

I’m a beginner in both CMAQ and CMAQ-DDM. I’m planning to run CMAQ-DDM in my CMAQ v5.3.2. I was able to run CCTM script without DDM. Now I’m planning to use DDM in my script. I’m not sure how to set the input parameters, what needs to be changed in my script, how to set gridded emission data path etc.? Please have a look into my run script and help me out. Also, please take a look into my emission data snapshot (all is gridded data in the attached image)

run_cctm_rasel.csh (36.9 KB)