Initial condition for Chemical constituents for CMAQ


Can anybody suggest me where to get actual initial condition data for the chemical constituents for CMAQv5.3? By that I mean a complete set of data including emissions etc. Is there such an inventory of data freely available?

If not, could you hint a little on what steps to follow to get the complete set of chemical data (except for meteorology which I can produce from WRF) to initialize the model.

I am planning to run CMAQ at about 1 km (a part of CONUS).



I am not sure which model year are you running the CMAQ. Following things are what I usually do:

  1. ICBC:
    a) from NOAA MOZART output
    you can download MOZART output here, which is a global air quality model

you can then convert these data into CMAQ IC/BC by mozart2cams, please see following link

b) if you can obtain GEOS chem data, you can convert these data into CMAQ format by

c) if you can obtain hemi domain CMAQ output you can create you IC BC by icon and bcon in PREP

  1. Inventory data:
    EPA released all inventory data
    for example, this one includes all 2011 information that are SMOKE input ready

However, most of these data are in 12US1 (12km) or larger (36km) resolution (some cases EPA released 4km surrogate files), if you would like to run for 1km you have to generate 1km surrogate files

Also EPA will release 2016 EMP CMAQ input ready data for 12US1 here

Hope this helps


Many hanks for these links! I will try to work with them.