Installing WRF-CMAQ two-way online - issue with installing netcdf-fortran

Dear all,
I am trying to install WRF-CMAQ two-way online using gfortran compiler on HPC.
However once I installed netcdf-c-4.8.0 and try to install netcdf-fortran-4.5.3 I received this error :
netcdf-c version 4.7.4 or greater is required
Why should I get this error?

This the configuration for netcdf-c:



./configure --prefix=/backup/seti/setii/Build_WRFCMAQ/LIBRARIES/netcdf --disable-netcdf-4

and this is for netcdf-fortran :



./configure --prefix=/backup/seti/setii/Build_WRFCMAQ/LIBRARIES/netcdf

May I ask you please help me to sort this issue out?
Many thanks in advance,
Best wishes,

This one probably needs to go to WRF support at NCAR.

Dear cjcoats,
Thanks for your advice, however if anyone faced the same issue and could resolve the problem please inform me.
Many thanks,
Best wishes,

@setraseti123 have you tried installing NetCDF-C 4.7.4 instead of 4.8.0?

Dear ever.barreto,
No, I did not install NetCDF-C 4.7.4.

Dear all,
I could solve the issue. I share my experience here whit those who may face the same issue.
After installing netcdf-c version 4.7.4, before configuring netcdf-fortran, it is important to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/backup/seti/setii/Build_WRFCMAQ/LIBRARIES/netcdf/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
This way I could remove the error.
Hope this help
Best wishes,