Is there simple way to convert inline and stack files to pgts3d?

I have inline and stack files for point data. I know there is inlineto2D and if want to convert to 3D, may need plume rise. Is there any simple way to convert inline to pgt3d (with 14 layers)? Then I will merge them with gridded files to drive WRF/Chem model.

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately there is no tool that can help you to generate 3D file based on inline emission with stack group input files. Either you have to run Laypoint program in SMOKE or run CMAQ with PT3D diagnostic output file setting to Y.

However, if you are trying to feed EPA’s NEI gridded emissions into WRF-Chem, you should try this conversion tool called EPA_ANTHRO_EMIS tool from:

This tool can convert general 2d and inline with stack group emissions into WRF-chem ready emissions input files.

I see. Thanks a lot!