Issue about 3D emission file used in CMAQv5.3.1

Dear all,
When I tried to run CMAQv5.3.1, I got the error info as follows:
>>—>> WARNING in subroutine XTRACT3
Error in layer-bounds specification for file INIT_CONC_1 variable AALJ
M3WARN: DTBUF 0:00:00 July 13, 2035 (2035194:000000)
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine retrieve_time_de on PE 000
Could not extract INIT_CONC_1 file
PM3EXIT: DTBUF 0:00:00 July 13, 2035
Date and time 0:00:00 July 13, 2035 (2035194:000000)

 To solve this issue, I tried to ncdump -v TFLAG to my ICON file and the TFLAG looks fine. I am thinking about the inconsistent vertical layers of my MCIP out files and emission files. My 3-D emission file has 15 vertical layers whereas my MCIP out files have 30 vertical layers. However, I think this issue should be solved in CMAQv5.3.1 because the CMAQ will match the 15 emission layers to the lowest 15 layers of MCIP out files, am I correct? Please note that I have replaced the central IO.F file followed the solution on the website posted but it seems doesn't work for me..
 I have attached my run.cctm.csh and CTM-LOG files in this email. Could you please find a free moment to have a look at it?

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CTM_LOG.txt (12.1 KB)
run_cctm_test4CAISAM.csh (34.4 KB)

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Please kindly help me. Thanks!

Hi Ryan,

looking at the log file, it appears that the problem is caused by your initial condition file only having 15 layers instead of 29 layers (the same appears to be true for your boundary condition file, too, though the model never reached the point where it was trying to read from that file).

The number of layers in the initial and boundary condition files needs to match the number of layers in your MCIP files, these are the layers for which you are configuring CMAQ.

Hi Christian,
Thanks for your quick response. I will try to recreate the icon and bcon files with the same vertical layers of my MCIP files.

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