Make file created but in wrong directory

Hi All,

I was able to create an executable makefile while compiling ICON but it get’s placed in the /UTIL/bldmake folder instead of my “ICON folder”. The image of what I have is below:

Directory I want the file to be in:

BLD_ICON_v521_profile_intel bldit.icon.log include
BLD_ICON_v521_profile_intel19.0.4.243 bldit.icon.log_test lib
BLD_ICON_v52_profile_gcc bldit.icon.logls mpi
BLD_ICON_v52_profile_intel bldit_icon.csh run_icon.csh
bldit.bcon.log bldmake_intel.exe

The directory where the make file exists in:

bldmake.o bldmake_intel19.0.4.243.exe parser.o src
bldmake_intel.exe cfg_module.o scripts utils.o

The good news is that the bldmake_intel19.0.4.243.exe has been created! Any help on this problem, please let me know!


Also, if I changed the path of where the makefile is placed when installing, would that solve the issue? Another words, if I changed this line of code to the directory where I run the bldit_icon.csh script, would that help?

if ( $?CompileBLDMAKE || ! -f BLDER ) then cd {CMAQ_REPO}/UTIL/bldmake/scripts
set Blder = “$BLDER -serial -verbose”

Would commenting out the cd … command be beneficial?