Mapping AE7 to AE6

I have emissions with cb6 ae7 speciation that I want to map to ae6. I am specifically aiming to map ‘AACD’, ‘APIN’, ‘FACD’, ‘GLY’, ‘GLYD’, ‘ISPD’, ‘IVOC’, ‘MGLY’, ‘NMOG’, ‘PACD’ to the corresponding VOC species in ae6. I was wondering what the best practice is for this conversation. Thanks!

AACD and FACD are in CB6R3_AE6, so those can be directly routed.

APIN, GLY, GLYD, ISPD, IVOC, MGLY, NMOG, PACD are not in CB6R3_AE6. NMOG is a tracker for total NMOG, so that can be ignored. As for the rest:

APIN: alpha-pinene (explicit).
GLY: glyoxal (explicit)
GLYD: glycolaldehyde (explicit)
ISPD: isoprene products (lumped)
IVOC: intermediate-volatile organic compounds (lumped)
MGLY: methylglyoxal (explicit)
PACD: peroxyacetic and higher peroxycarboxylic acids (lumped)

It is really difficult to map lumped species because many explicit species in SPECIATE are mapped to them and we don’t track the proportions of each in SMOKE. You should be able to map the explicit species to PAR, OLE, IOLE, KET, depending on the structure of each. I would be very surprised if there were anything more than negligible amounts (and mostly likely zero) of ISPD, so that can likely be dropped.


Thank you for your response! I will update with what works as I go.